You Remind Me…

The similarities in our distinct histories are scary. The script conducting our lives seems plagiarized and this doesn’t feel like our first time. Though we reside in different continents our life experiences are of the same content. Mixed genetics label us ethnically ambiguous, we’re a pair of cultured artists with hearts of revolutionary activists. Identical backstab wounds explain our trust issues and I shake when we both say, “he/she was the same way.” We met at Cilandak for endless talks, sisha that we never got, drinks and planed to visit Kota Tua. Laughing and sipping whisky, i’m delighted by her presence genuinely and frightened at our similar life stories. We made good use of our time together, train tours and sight seeing, enjoying another’s company. Alcohol takes over and impairs what I see, my blurry vision is raising insecurities ‘cause the posture of the silhouette across from me is aggressively familiar. I’m loving but questioning her mannerisms and particular gestures. She’s able to finish each other’s sentences and I’m feeling connected in all senses. But its too familiar. It doesn’t help that her face and smile are similar even her posture and behavior. I’m pacing in my head, because I’m being reminded of who’m I dread. Usher’s tune “You remind me of a girl I once knew” talks truth he says, “It’s unfair to relate her ignorance to you, wish I knew how to separate the two.” He knows how I’m feeling. Because I hate that I’m looking at you but seeing her. Being reminded of the pain she put me through, I cover with a smile through our feast of food. Laughs are spewed and a few brews are had. We’re talking story and sipping glad. Through the jokes you say “You’re just like my dad.” Not sure what you meant by it I sit perplexed. Though I’m proud of my restraint for not saying, “you’re just like my ex.”


One Night Cuck?

{D A M N, what’s that seated far at the end of the bar!?}

I’m mangled by bodacious hips, stuck abrupt and tangled by luscious tan skinned lips. Wielding geeky four eyes, freaky white smile and a sneaky touch with luring style. She shot a wink, I blinked and next thing we’re sinking, skinny dipping in her sheets. Wading in her water, trying not to falter, but this [common] king’s thirst has him diving headfirst. Gasping for air at the pull of my hair, drowning in screams as I lustfully swim upstream. Every long stride is strategized to reach the deepest sea and avoid getting choked; as she yokes my throat at every backstroke. Surprised by her gushing geyser signaling her blushing arrival. Both quivering in admiration from quenching our hormonal dehydration. I find it off but I’m not offended, when immediately commanded to leave the premises. Before being dismissed I dress, collect my mess, kiss this miss on the neck and… wait, what!?

Propped up across the bed’s horizon I see her cellscreen’s been facetiming another Verizon! I drop the calm act and retract back asking, “What the f*ck is all that!?” Her cacao brown pigment turned cocaine white, like what the terrorists be shippin’! She starts slipping into an endless stutter then lightly mutters, “Ok, see, I have a boyfriend… and well, it’s just kink…” A weak attempt to justify her stint, that happened without my consent. I’m confused if I should feel resent since, I had a pretty good time until all this… So, I laughingly comment, “The 2000s are almost 20 and, thanks to you, I think we now share a MeToo story.” “You’re overreacting,” she blares in a scare as I continue to perplexedly laugh my way out and down the stairs.

So, food for thought, avoid getting caught in the current’s rough by checking your surroundings before diving into unknown muffs; remember, shmucks don’t have genders.


Biologically complete and fixed with deceit. Ethnically ambiguously I storm through the streets. “Half-breed” is all that’s perceived from this creative creature with desirable features. I host a face, constantly called “mixed-race,” and wield words that quake, to govern my fate. Hitting the genetic jackpot and delaying the old eugenic plot. My soul holds more gold than you got sole in your sock full of holes. Not grafted but enacted by different accents, this god was made in no accident. Always imitated but never duplicated. This squire went from least admired to most desired. This sinister flavour you now savour and wish to impregnate your frozen TV dinners.

Persuasively Asian and unapologetically Latin, this revolutionary’s actions must unite the factions. Bodies flop, by the knowledge I drop. Striking thoughts of those who fought but got caught by the onslaught I brought. This adversary vocabulary brings you to the hinges, cinching arms, mainlining these orange-chicken bars through syringes. Flexing my lexis and causing more harm, than narco poppyfarms. My flavourful verbal, spiced with aromatic herbal, is portioned precise. The perfect vice, to splice your mind’s eye and satisfy your hunger. I conjure 3 different tongues, leaving you floundering for how I’m linguistically hung. So, grip my dicktionary and fit words in your mouth. Prepare to swallow and not spit out, this load of lingo secreting out this Chino-Latino.