Unwind with glasses of wine, feel fine

talk of the past and share laughs.

Once you’ve broken the seal

one tends to reveal and release.

Secrets leak out and the truth

fights to vomit out the mouth.


Red red wine stained lips whisper

“I’m fine, just going to bed.”

Eyes closed and reopen,

I’m floating in a blood red ocean.

Exhausted and trying to stay buoyant,

nose above water,

in a panic as my jib fills with fluid.

I’m coughing,

I’m drowning…

Pulled up from my shirt

I regain sight of light and

see that my Burmese queen had saved my life.

“Are you okay?” she cries.

Covered in the red red wine we used to unwind.



I sit n wait,
sipping on cups of crushed grapes.
My mind drifts away,
with each gulp I take.
In a sedated state,
I sit n wait.
Checking the time,
hoping you’ll get here fine.
Anticipating that fate
will bring us face to face,
I sit and wait,
hoping this isn’t a mistake.
Do I meet you halfway?
I continue to wait,
longer than those
who are innate to lose faith
Because your words simply say,
“I’m on my way…”
I know not to rush you
when you’re getting ready.
But I’m starting to feel like a fool
n you’re taking an eternity.
So I sit and wait,
filling the basin
with the juices
of fermented raisins