Take caution of the risks that entail when you’re bent-over eating tail. Like your plans for the year bid them farewell because the Corona is taking them all to hell. Eating ass will soon be a thing of the past, health officials demand we refrain from spreading this virus by limiting asses to face. FUCKING DISGRACE. It finally tasted like groceries…

So, thank you COVID-19 for taking it all. The food, toiletries, happiness, congregations, and unity.

You can slurp up my protein like Ovaltine and make sure you embrace the grace of the very last drop of my mini-me shake.


State of Emergency

It’s taken years and a potential plague to finally teach people how to properly wash their hands. Imagine what it’s gonna take for these shmucks to learn how to clean they ass. A virus is among us, some people are dying and the only solution seems to be toilet paper. Woke hustlers switch from dope to hygienic products because that’s where the profit is. As we run in panic,  the Charmin bears laugh on their rears and count all the ducats they’ve been collecting from the population running around in fear. Soon enough there’ll be people sucking d*ck for two pumps of sanitizer….

COVID-19 just came out

and only those that can afford it, seem to be looking forward for a COVID-20pro to drop.

Quarantine and Chill

Alone and sitting by the windowsill,

quarantined and thirsting thrills,

I search for fun in this state of emergency.

I’m craving for a confined romantic evening,

where we “chill,” engulf in treats

and decide whether to watch or make movies.

It’s better if we stay together, isolated,

where the only risk is swapping spit instead of viruses.

There’s plenty of streaming services for us to get lost in.

We can Netflix and chill after I Hulu n do you,

or just let this tongue glide in-between

your amazon prime thighs.

You decide.


I sit n wait,
sipping on cups of crushed grapes.
My mind drifts away,
with each gulp I take.
In a sedated state,
I sit n wait.
Checking the time,
hoping you’ll get here fine.
Anticipating that fate
will bring us face to face,
I sit and wait,
hoping this isn’t a mistake.
Do I meet you halfway?
I continue to wait,
longer than those
who are innate to lose faith
Because your words simply say,
“I’m on my way…”
I know not to rush you
when you’re getting ready.
But I’m starting to feel like a fool
n you’re taking an eternity.
So I sit and wait,
filling the basin
with the juices
of fermented raisins


I stick with my fam,
those who got my back
better than any chiropract.
These are crazy fools that
keep it real and crude.
We cum like glue
and stick together
like gum to shoes.
We’re intense with flows
of dense molasses
to clog arteries
and murk the masses
Out to heist jewels
and ready to cause disaster,
blasting first
and asking questions after.
We hover over your rotting cadaver.
‘Cause our craft kills
with vibrating waves of thrills,
that flood the streets of every burrow.
piercing hearts
and hits the spine like an epidural.
Feel these endorphins
flooding your brain to
morph the pain
that’s keeping you awake.