She smiles and giggles at how i repurpose my shirt ties into handcuffs and a blindfold with some basic knotwork.

She’s bound, tied and blind but not fearing for her life.

Curled toes and moans followed by grins indicate the reaching of a limit.

Excitement takes ahold and what escapes me looks like ropes across her body.

Further securing the visual bondage.


Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

[inspired by true events]

I’m confined, vanished in mind and already lost the sense of time. I don’t know what day it is anymore because the diurnal routine is flavourless during quarantine. I roam within the two floors and four walls of my abode. Looking out my window I see that the trees aren’t casting a perpendicular shadow. “Sun must be head high,” I say in an unspectacular sigh and woo for another COVIDafternoon. “Work with what you got,” is a reminder I tattoo on my thoughts and I ought to find ways to entertain myself throughout this day.

I lay away and read to stimulate the brain, but then I hear a loud “thud” in a nearby gangway. I prop up to question the origin of this unknown commotion. Conducting a swift reconnaissance of the ground level of my fortress I discover no sign of a breach at its entrance. There’s no culprit to subdue, so I seek for clues and irregularities in my fixed surroundings. Ala “Dick Tracy” I inspect and wish to detect the perpetrator for this midday distress. Then, in the midst of my quest I recognize the soft whining of an old door’s hinges cringingly creaking and it’s paired with the gun-cocking-like clatter of an unlocking doorknob. I brusquely realize the clamor came from a space above and my CORONAimprisoned brain, that’s been marinating in everything “Mafia” on Netflix, jumps to conclusions claiming there’s been an intrusion.

I rush up the stairs determined to capture my potential invader and see the access to my bedchamber has been closed and secure. I swing open the entry, step in and scan the dormitory uncovering no trace suggesting a trespassing. It’s now in my best belief that, for the sake of my sanity, I must forfeit and retreat from this lunacy. I turn around to walk out of my boudoir when I’m abruptly put to a halt. Because in front of me is standing a seductive soul-snatching covert Burmese assassin. I do a fast “optical pat-down” to assess the gravity of the situation but there is no way a weapon could be sheathed beneath her tight and deadly black-laced-lingerie. The sexy intruder walks towards me, and I start backpedaling. She closes the door behind her quietly. A sly smirk oozes off her jib and then she provocatively nibbles at her lip. Wielding eyes that are lethally hypnotizing I feel her silently taunting me. I say a quick prayer to the gods of bedroom warfare and scheme for amatory victory. I’m confident that the sexucational films that I’ve study during isolation, tethered to my many years practicing martial arts, have prepared me for this very moment.

The sensual and consensual sultry wrestle begins, and this killer isn’t hold back. I remember that in judo we’re taught the martial-art’s philosophy of using your opponent’s energy to work against them, “Minimal effort, with maximum efficiency.” In order to discover her weakness, I must flow with the energy of her kinkyness. I cunningly perform an “Ōuchi gari” then cunnilingusly-attack this experienced ninja. Impressed by my technique she nods her head and grins signaling a positive critique. We constantly trade blows not giving the other a chance to catch they breath, both wet in pheromone-laced sweat. My heart nearly stops by her skills in the dark-fellacious arts and realize I can’t go easy on this crotch-wizard.

I’m more than sure that I can conquer her with my pure heart and will, but she’s a skilled, foxy, dick-slaying assassin, so I must work on a coquettish-strategy. Our bodies continue to clash and genitalia smashes against another violently. So far, it’s been a fair fight. But I’m out to win, so it’s time to “play dirty.” I quickly pass her guard and went straight into “Kesa-gatame,” where I then went full “Christian Grey.” While pinning her down I use my nearby shirt-ties as mock handcuffs and fasten her wrists behind her. Then the prowler bends over and submits, releasing a cute wince. The lustful assassin is now in erogenous bondage and devotedly helpless. She moans affectionately in ecstasy when I begin the blindfolding. I’m amazed that a smile never leaves her face. In a haste I pace around in search for a tool-of-arousal to help me slay this sexecutioner. “I have to work with what I got,” I laughingly say to she and begin to craft my improvised sexual weaponry.

Like a filthy “MacGyver” I forge a phallic-like venereal-dagger and hover over my romantic prisoner. She’s restrained, deprived of her sight and I can annihilate this quixotic-assailant now or I can take my time. I opt to toy and tease her as tender-torture, but the coitus-stabbing isn’t enough to massacre her. So, I pull her hair by the tips to bring her ear near my lips and say, “you’ll soon be finished.” Stepping back to rapidly examine the specimen, I decide my angle of trajectory and then reminisce of the wise words from my karate sensei, “A weapon is simply an extension of your own body.”

While my attached weapon has her gagged, I commence to thrust deep stabs her exposed Burmese-gash with the counterfeit-sex-armament. The bootylicious hitwoman undergoes an uninterrupted combo of attacks from every position and in amorous anguish she begs for her execution, to extinguish the repetitive impalement. I won’t fall for any deceit, so I dismiss her plea and don’t stop until she falls in defeat. All sides penetrated in unison and her hatchet-wound is now leaking profusely. During the final blows I rip off her blindfold to stare into the windows of her soul. I jab the prurient-bayonet and leave it stuck in her concupiscent-laceration. Libidinous tears roll downwards to the margins of her gapping smile as she topples over shakingly. I pull out the lascivious-carver and see how the slit spit like a geyser. She squirms in between her squirts before eventually perishing, like how one would bleed-out from a gushing perforated artery and I’m the final finishing winner. I stand over the intriguing bedroom-raider, continuously staring into her mesmerizing eyes and begin to unbind the securing ties. I make an abrupt exit and leave her kaput and lifeless. It’s now calm and there’s no disorder.

I’m back downstairs fixing myself a refreshing pint of beer. When I then vociferously hear, “O****R! WHAT THE  F * C K , ARE YOU SERIOUS!? PLEASE TELL ME YOU DID NOT USE THIS M****R IN A CONDOM ON ME WHEN I COULDN’T SEE!” I spill my beverage because I’m laughing hysterically, slapping the counter and fall to my knees. Gathering myself while still chuckling, I pour another beverage and answer to the voice ahead, “Babe, during the heat of battle, it’s do or die, and you must improvise with what you got!” She is displeased with my response and piercingly rejoinders, “SERIOUSLY, A F*CKING M****R!?” My laughter never ceases, making it hard to sip my drink and I just stand there and think. I gulp down my pint and utter a late answer, “It’s just part of the ‘role-play,’ don’t worry you’ll be okay.” I try to come up with new ideas to keep things interesting during this bland quarantine.

Our time during this seclusion will only be tasteless if we allow it. So, I get freaky to keep things exciting and continue to flex my ingenuity. Remember that only the boring get bored…

“A M****R!?”

“Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.” -Bear Grylls

Covered in Paint

You choke the shaft of the brush,

wet the tip with what looks like spit

and begin to stroke.

I blush and hush my screams,

from seeing the streaking paint cream,

leaking onto your fists.

Yet you maintain a firm grip and

giggle at how I’m stoked

from your every brushstroke.

You’re talented, creative and reckless

when you allow the paint to spray onto your canvas.

You finger paint with the clumped up droplets and

smile at the masterpiece you accomplished.

While ignoring the paint sprinkled around your eye sockets.

Kreteks After Sex

I order my taksi and step out the hotel doors to explore the galore of Indonesian folklore and beauty. The air is impregnated by the smoke of crackling clove scented cigarettes; they’re called kreteks, everyone and their mother smokes them. Through the cackling crowds of football hooligans I see my Blue Bird’s chauffer approaching, waving his phone to make sure I’m the foreigner who booked him. We hop into his whip and zip to my destination; his chariot weaves through cars, cyclist and avoids hitting mopeds carrying two ladies n three babies. He turns and says, “No worry, here in Java we all in a hurry.” 700 Rupiahs took me to the heart of Pondok Indah. Its picturesque and unique, filled with sweet hijab wearing queens that throw smiles and meaningful gestures that leave me gawking n weak. I prop up at a local coffee spot and initiate small talk with the waitress, she answered my questions, gave her recommendations and suggestions. Tables across, in no hinder, her snickering coworkers yell, “You should download Tinder!”

Connecting to the wifi, my new friend and I begin to build my superficially vile profile. Fotos of me were cherry-picked and rearranged to guarantee that my presence is seen. I thank her for the assist and she wishes me a safe trek. Smiling and swiping away, my gaze is dazed by the gratuitous splendor in 5-kilometer radius. Two swipes left, one right and a connection was erected, by a tremendous slender framed dame, with innocently bright eyes and a magnificently intriguing smile. Her red lipstick accents her scrumptious melanin and I’m gaped in awe questioning if what I just saw is real at all. Words are exchanged, basic information is fed and the jokes said poke at the possibility for us two to meet. Moments later, she agrees and we set our sights for rendezvousing at Saigon Delight.

I sit, wait for my anticipated date and to reduce confusion I text her what I’m sporting. {“White shirt, black shorts, brown hair, glasses n slippers.} In case you don’t recognize me.” I look up from my phone’s screen and see her humbling exquisiteness walking towards me. Approaching with a hypnotizing smile and an uplifting giggle, we hug meeting in the middle and mingle our way to our table. After a quick feast we debate over ordering a digestif or something sweet. But her conversation was a sufficient treat for me. Our talk had substance that was spicy, honest, raw and sweet; We got deep into murky waters talking about our faults and those that broke us down. If you ask me, that’s a bit too much for a first date. But her exalted mind has me intertwined and everything feels fine. Laughs, saccharine murmurs and deep stares into each other’s glare has me in a fumbling down stairs. Time goes by and the dark of night covers the sky, we think its best we stay together tonight.

We Grab a ride and talk about our hobbies; she likes to dive in ocean trenches to look at reefs and fishes. I flirtatiously tell her I’m a dirty poet looking for new content. She mocks a scoff and chuckles, while I twitch and try not blow the crotch off my britches, as she grips my thigh through this car ride. We demonstrated our values to another and engaged the other physically. I hand her my keys and we hysterically flee in glee through the hotel’s corridors. Making our way through my room’s doors our clothes hit the floor we pounced at another animalistically. Heavy breathing became the soundtrack to our obscene session of bumping *uglies* {Ahemm}… beautifuls. She’s a master diver with a knack at holder her breath. I’m gasping for air, with no scuba gear near, but like a tuna, I dive deep in a wet ocean of sheets and swim erotically alongside this Sudanese mermaid. The tide is high and flow of the current is too rough to battle, she hops on-board long stroking the paddle and her every cavernous stride got us closer to the edge of the cascade. Where we kiss and stared into another’s glare falling down the waterfall. Holding the other tighter as the cataract’s geyser diminishes, swimming her to safety depleted and finished. Oral resuscitation, along with pumps at 100bpm brought her back from seeing the light on the other side. Both smiling and surprise we survived making it out alive.

We slept in bliss in each other’s clutches and woke still groping bodies. Post breaking fast she says must leave to tend to her duties. Slowly gathering her belongings, joking and smirking constantly. Saying our farewells and wishing another a great day. “Enjoy Indonesia this holiday” bittersweetly rolls off her lips and I’m dismissed with a kiss as she boards the taksi; driving away, her lips spelled out, “Please don’t forget about me.” I smile and wave at her adorable display, thinking about the connection we made and the battle we faced. While my heart chokes seeing her disappear in the clove scented kretek smoke.


“In Chengdu, it’s called ‘Marinating with the Chickens.’ So… ‘Cluck, Cluck’ and go get your wet wipes b*tch!” – E. Huang

What’s cooking, good looking? From afar you got me shookt, flipped and dipped into a craze of lust. Don’t fuss, and trust that I’m not just looking to bust these * doors… To leave you floored, scorned, n sore. Begging for more, than just muscle spasms. I fathom to give you mental * stimulus… From this rigorous syllabus, you will learn how ridiculously I yearn to see you squirm in love, with me. Persuading thee using this boulder sitting above my shoulders. Heart trying not to smolder and melt at how your bravura is felt. I suppose to slowly disclose how badly I want to rip off your *insecurities… Using my linguistic dexterity, you foresee I wish to kiss your lips. Those between your hypocrisies… I’m being real, no fugazis or forgeries, allow my words to steal and kidnap your feels. The sap leaking out my face-flap is all fact. I seek to hijack the damsel in distress being fed to the wrong mattress. And treat you like a GODDESS because you’re no mistress.