Live and Let Live

My life is like a quarry, where what’s valuable is dug deep, underneath this thick crust-skin

Those who dare mine the gold in my mind, declare it to be extraordinary

Though most seek the jewels & glory of saying they took what’s good from me

Like a fool I stoop low for letting another abuse me.


For I am the generator of this diamond-like energy

I must have responsibility, to share my love with only those that are worthy.

Now, go out there n tell my story for it’s the only way I’ll keep living

Even when I’ve returned to the essence.



Biologically complete and fixed with deceit. Ethnically ambiguously I storm through the streets. “Half-breed” is all that’s perceived from this creative creature with desirable features. I host a face, constantly called “mixed-race,” and wield words that quake, to govern my fate. Hitting the genetic jackpot and delaying the old eugenic plot. My soul holds more gold than you got sole in your sock full of holes. Not grafted but enacted by different accents, this god was made in no accident. Always imitated but never duplicated. This squire went from least admired to most desired. This sinister flavour you now savour and wish to impregnate your frozen TV dinners.

Persuasively Asian and unapologetically Latin, this revolutionary’s actions must unite the factions. Bodies flop, by the knowledge I drop. Striking thoughts of those who fought but got caught by the onslaught I brought. This adversary vocabulary brings you to the hinges, cinching arms, mainlining these orange-chicken bars through syringes. Flexing my lexis and causing more harm, than narco poppyfarms. My flavourful verbal, spiced with aromatic herbal, is portioned precise. The perfect vice, to splice your mind’s eye and satisfy your hunger. I conjure 3 different tongues, leaving you floundering for how I’m linguistically hung. So, grip my dicktionary and fit words in your mouth. Prepare to swallow and not spit out, this load of lingo secreting out this Chino-Latino.