It’s been some time since my last keystroke, I hope I don’t choke on the word-vomit that my thoughts provoke. So yoke the throat of my utensil and you’ll see how my heart spills out the tip of my pencil. It’s suspenseful and will drive you hysterical when my ideas spit onto your theory’s material, leaving a stain so deranged that you’ll rearrange how you feel about my take on the game.

Don’t be a fool and pick up these jewels that I’m putting down,

’cause fate deals the deck and you decide whether to fold or play for the ducats.

So pull up and come through and see how me and mine do.




It’s a new year n a new me and fear is no longer my enemy

I’m stronger and bolder, like Tyson vs Frazier, dropping the hate 1st Round

Then snatching your paper!

Best watch out n check how I’ll collect clout

‘Cause I’m coming out pointing both barrels,

Putting hate in it’s place, then kicking it down the stairwell

It’s the year to hold on to those dear,

For hope is in my scope, me and mine know

I’m the fella who shares his d(h)ope.

Best wishes you trifling b*tches!

Live and Let Live

My life is like a quarry, where what’s valuable is dug deep, underneath this thick crust-skin

Those who dare mine the gold in my mind, declare it to be extraordinary

Though most seek the jewels & glory of saying they took what’s good from me

Like a fool I stoop low for letting another abuse me.


For I am the generator of this diamond-like energy

I must have responsibility, to share my love with only those that are worthy.

Now, go out there n tell my story for it’s the only way I’ll keep living

Even when I’ve returned to the essence.


The sensation you make me feel when i pull hard on the inhale takes my mind away

Thoughts stray and i’m chipper you say but only when under your trance

With the burning bush, I push through, but you see a difference in me when you distance yourself from me

I’ve noticed that you steal my appetite when I’m not with you

Making it hard for me to eat and i can admit defeat, but why must i need you in me to feel complete

Is there something suffocating in the dense smoke that i toke?

I can’t believe that I’d be the one claiming dependency to thee

Or am i just too afraid to face the devil that stares at me in the mirror?

A grand daddy purple band-aid is what i place over the scars that are keeping me awake

Indica indications notify me when i need to choke the pain

The sativa smiles i give are just a facade

Because reality is, i feel like i’m living through life like a fraud.

Am i really as “high” and mighty as you make me feel? I’m starting to question if i really need you

Me vs Me

I will shine bright.

For there is no fine for the illuminating light my love will shed with might.

So it’s time to take on life, headfirst.

Stepping through valleys of hurt to rise and climb mountain-high,

prevailing over the wailing cowards that wish to drag you downwards.

Each step i take will cover great lengths

and eventually reach a pristine mental state,

where “winning” is all i’m able to take.

It’s up to me to conquer the dark gleam

that’s wishing to take over this king’s dreams.

At the end of the day,

its just “me vs me

Knowledge of Self

Evident how inhaling deep drags from rolled zig-zags, helps my mind escape the gulag. So finally this stag gets his chance to nag. I’m Connivingly silent when I lay like a laymen, and this gentleman gentile will lift the ambiance with a smile. I Puff more magic than the Dragon himself. Peep the jargon, as my words strike and pierce the heart. There’s None capable of matching my arts. And Without a struggle this muggle is able vent to let his words wreck. Now inspect and dissect the dialect of this bi-racially mixed gent. I’m Infused with the burning herbal so my verbal remains viscous it’s riddled with substance and Vicious. Knowing the ledge I stand on, i bear wisdom by the day. Understand that ancestors live in the words I have to say. I’m Cultured by the old earth’s love, and I refine the power given from the sun above. I’m Equally balanced and sensible, there’s no mystery that this god is tangible. I try to Drop knowledge using 7 notes on the musical scale to help and build the frail. So i’m surgical to only mate with the original. There’s fate in this cipher’s innate ability to help you see clearly. That our circle has no beginning or end. It just is. Peace.