Covered in Paint

You choke the shaft of the brush,

wet the tip with what looks like spit

and begin to stroke.

I blush and hush my screams,

from seeing the streaking paint cream,

leaking onto your fists.

Yet you maintain a firm grip and

giggle at how I’m stoked

from your every brushstroke.

You’re talented, creative and reckless

when you allow the paint to spray onto your canvas.

You finger paint with the clumped up droplets and

smile at the masterpiece you accomplished.

While ignoring the paint sprinkled around your eye sockets.


Crossing the Pond

It’s about 0300pm

and im strapped in.

I’m comfortable and leaning back,

with magic edibles stashed in my sack.

Instrumentals snap my synapse

and hysterically arrange my vocabulary.

I’m soaring through the skies,

while dosed out of my mind.

Testing to see,

if i can get higher than astronaut pussy.

A stewardess’ stare, reflecting on my screen’s glare,

will cause some turbulence up in this air.

I’m on full throttle from tiny whisky bottles,

waiting in line for a club that’s “Mile High.”

With no companion in sight,

I sit tight through this transatlantic flight.


I’m not knowing what to expect so I sit in stress, ready to undress my last bits of uttered respect. I’m lustfully dreading the approaching event, nervously craving the excitement and I’m ready to participate without bets. Yeah, “First time for everything,” is cliché, but I’m hoping this won’t be a painful session of oral play. I studied long and hard how alphas woo with their bars. The friction from the rhythmic linguistics erected my verbal diction. So I anticipate to penetrate your psychology with my dialectology. ‘Cause I’ll be savagely spitting phrases in symmetry and performing spoken hysterectomies.

I’m not afraid or at fault for perversion caused by this orchestrated literary assault.

Questioning readiness is not an option. So I’ll just relax and sip on some potion. The liquid confidence can make me feel less tense, enough to forget about an audience. But if I chug too much and I’ll throw up word vomit followed by hiccups. I might be impaired and unable to see if I’m even performing adequately.

But I’m ALL IN and not looking to pull out.

I pouts as the spout is about to bust but i have to let every word out.

Shits nuts.