Not knowing what to expect. One sits in stress, ready to undress the last bits of uttered respect. Lustfully dreading the approaching event, nervously craving excitement, the novice gets ready to participate without bets. “First time for everything,” is cliché, hoping this won’t be a painful session of oral play. Studied long and hard how alphas woo with their bars. Friction from rhythmic linguistics, erect the rookie’s verbal diction. Anticipate and penetrate other’s psychology with one’s dialectology. Savagely spitting phrases in symmetry, performing spoken hysterectomies. Not afraid or at fault for the perversion caused by the orchestrated literary assault.

Questioning readiness is not an option. Relax and sip on the potion. Liquid confidence making one feel less dense. Forgetting about the audience. Chug too much and one’ll throw up, word vomit and hiccups. Impaired and unable to see if one is performing adequately. Pushed it in and not looking to pull out. One pouts as the spout is about to bust. Let every word out. Shits nuts.


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