Mimic(er) – GAME (ft. OliviousMaximus)

https://soundcloud.com/mimicthis/game?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing my best friend and fellow creator, Brian (aka "mimic(er)"), created this beat with one of my joints in mind. Brian's organic production paired flavourfully with my filth turned out to be somewhat palatable. Lemme know what you think, it's me.



It’s a new year n a new me and fear is no longer my enemy I’m stronger and bolder, like Tyson vs Frazier, dropping the hate 1st Round Then snatching your paper! Best watch out n check how I’ll collect clout ‘Cause I’m coming out pointing both barrels, Putting hate in it’s place, then kicking … Continue reading Bold