It’s a new year n a new me and fear is no longer my enemy

I’m stronger and bolder, like Tyson vs Frazier, dropping the hate 1st Round

Then snatching your paper!

Best watch out n check how I’ll collect clout

‘Cause I’m coming out pointing both barrels,

Putting hate in it’s place, then kicking it down the stairwell

It’s the year to hold on to those dear,

For hope is in my scope, me and mine know

I’m the fella who shares his d(h)ope.

Best wishes you trifling b*tches!


Rise n Grind

I wake n rise for another planetary pirouette,

until the moon brings it’s big shade and lays us out to rest.

So I try to thrive through another day of life,

though sour souls aim to threaten my aura’s glow.


“If I die, my seed will be ill like me”

Slick oratory assassin, masked in jewels,

busting through life’s treacherous fallopian tubes.

Using a sword-like tongue to slice through the navel,

a caesarean fellow, flopping bodies with flows dense and fatal.

You picking up what i’m putting down?


There’s a limit to how “close” friends from work should be.

They’re people who keep one sane during the dread of long working days.

Folks who share memes, joke in-between meetings

and complain about the superior bureaucracy.

I keep things professional, maintain my distance and act amicable.

I decline post work drinks and when the week ends, I’m extinct.

The only thing intimate I’ve shared

is my dislike for laid edges on blonde women’s hair.

Work comes first when your pocketbook thirsts.

So, I drop those in the way of getting my guap,

because I play for keeps and I’ll take what belongs to me.

Tony Montana said it best, “In this country, you gotta make the money first.

Then when you get the money, you get the power.

Then when you get the power, then you get the women.”