Yoga with my other half tends to turn sideways

when my concentration is kidnapped by her arched body.

There’s no snapping back to reality

once i’m locked and staring at her “Happy Baby.”

I’m breathing heavy in downward-dog

and bark at her cat call.

She digs deep for the stretch

and i’m trying to make mine less obvious,

because my cobra won’t stay low

when she’s wide-legged and bending forward.

It’s a hinder to go lower and i envy how limber she as she folds.

‘Cause I’m on all fours bearing a puppy’s pose and

wishing to say “hello”

like dogs do with they nose…


Observations: Sweaty Floral Undergarments

*Bum-ba-bum pa-bum bum-ba-bum pa-bum* “Trying to get next to you… Every little thing you do…” *bum-ba-bum pa-bum bum-ba-bum pa-bum*

33°C and burning up in this heat. Sitting shirtless whilst melting onto the leather fabric on these here couches. Tearing away like scotch tape on every movement. Flamingosis’ joint “Next to You” pounds eardrums like a sledgehammer. The hypnotizing loop of the producer’s beats serenade the brain erupting a commotion of emotions. Intoxicated by Bright Moments head bopping to the orchestrated vibrations, pen touches paper.

*THC break*

Ceiling fan blowing around hot air recycling through and around. Ceiling fan’s blades spin sharp over the sun-drained canine. A feminine feline hosting a felonious funk against the enormously small hound, a tiny dog with a tremendous heart. Laying like a layman, a gentleman gentile. Shirtless, sweaty, pant-less and precisely packaged. Sweaty floral undergarments are what one must rely to provide a divide between butt-cheeks and these here couches. Sweaty floral undergarments blocking and preventing a sticky situation. Critical conditions where flesh infuses with furniture. Music spews out the sound bar flooding these here four walls.

Mind racing like a horse, engulfed with galloping ideas. Ears honed in on instrumentals possessing phat beats worth bopping to. Lost in thought dissecting L’Indécis’ Playtime. Distracted by the steady flow of heat coming off the speakers. Thumping exactly to current state of being, coinciding with feelings to a jive.

Guerrero de Pelo Güero


Te fuiste igual como llegaste,

peleando por tu vida.

Sin duda, tu dulzura nunca sera igualada.

Y aunque no puede ser comprada,

uno sigue en búsqueda de esa compañía.

Porque tu energía se siente todavía,

dentro del que antes fue tu guía.

Una sinergia compartida entre hombre y canino, igualada a padre e hijo.

Sigo confundido, pensando,

porque te fuiste sin haber sido despedido.

Y ahora, solamente tengo,

lindos recuerdos, extrañándote y

deseando verte con el eterno.