Not Enough Time

We met at ‘hatchi” for fun and karaoke,

then created a bond after feasting Japanese curry.

You laugh and fidget with your cigarette,

at the illicit words that spew out my face-spigot.

I’m sipping coffee and staring at you wondering,

“Where the hell have  Y O U  been!?”

Mesmerizingly long legs with hips that sway,

Leaving me drooling, begging to stay for another day.

“Better late than never” were your words to secure our stint together,

as I’m stuck hoping for another chance to see each other.

She’s a feminine dime with a tremendously sublime mind,

erecting connections worth keeping across our distant continents.

Caught in a bind and searching for more time,

we fight the clock to rock before my plane docks and takes flight.

With no disguise I stare into her eyes

and smile at how our hearts coincide.

Wounds open and honesty floods our ears,

It’s clear how the years have not been kind to our fears.

We’re two wordsmiths sharing the gift of description,

able to explain what’s really trapped in our observations.

I regret not meeting you at the beginning of my trek,

but I’m not upset at our hours spent.

Your only demand is to “cherish the moment,”

while I’m trying to s t r e t c h these last minutes.


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