Choppy Water

The tide is high, the current is rough

and I’m holding on with everything I got.

The streets are flooded with a sea of face-covered humans

and a mist of picket-signs and clenched fists floats over it.

This journey through life has gotten a lot more difficult

and everyone is out rioting against a cult that was placed to “patrol” us.

Tidal waves of emotions clash against their barricades and

a hurricane of fallen bredrin’s names keeps us awake.

This system has been made to protect the folks who deal the bread we all ingest.

So lay rest to the idea that the police are out to serve our community.

Ominous sensations of ambiguity is all i see oozing through the streets

where we all used to roam “freely.”

Will we have the maturity to see past our differences?

Are we capable of living in unity?

Because the current circumstances

are only making me feel

like we’re divided.


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