L Word

Listen carefully to each rhythmically thump my heart pumps to a beat,

Observe the beauty flourishing within this being.

Venture away with me and see how

Everything is better when its you n me against the grain of these mean streets…

Mistakes made turn into lessons and we learn from our previous situations.

Enforcing the self growth needed to realize one’s worth

Understand that i’m struggling to do this alone, but never forfeiting.

Negligent when beat and tired, but not losing sight of what keeps me inspired.

Cease fire and hold the attack, 

Offer aid to liberate from drowning in one’s own dread.

Notice, i no longer want to hide away behind the words i’m too afraid to say,

Demonstrating that i’m making changes, allowing myself to start “growing.”

I intend to mend the bends in my heart, keeping me from reaching “dreams.”

Telling tales of the battles where i prevail and not holding the times i’ve failed.

Intellectual and admirable, i’d like to be without appearing so off-putting.

Onstage i’m vulnerable, but stonewall my emotions when away from the rostrum. So

Nab the mic and let your words take flight

Allow your heart to coincide with mine,

Let me love you that way i do, hard.

Lacerating the pain away.

Yearning for those 3 words that left me torn, but i’m relearning though i’m scorned.


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