Swipe Right

[Here I cum]

Taking and making it literal, lyrics to a track, one constantly and thoroughly listened to. Flavourful, sweet, possessing tantalizing beats and backed with mercenary MCs, Selfish by Slum Village gave guidance to the obsolete. Not proper in morality but kept one propped on two feet. Storming through, cashing checks and snapping emotional necks. Though recognizing the danger and fear of being sucked in, neither nearly as severe to keep this one from sliding in. Tangled in the veins of separate hearts. However, decisions shall be made, and those plural hearts will minimize to one, maybe none. The idea of hurting others is what makes this one sputter. “Never compare women and have to choose between them,” mother yells into one’s eardrums. Sparking tinder, near a bumble hive. Connections, emoji flames and bees, burned and buzzed their way onto my cellphone screen.

Yet hearts will be broken, and the world will keep turning. Spinning out of control, I’m dizzy.


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